Tummy Time

What have the 6-18mth group been up to this Spring 2015?

The 6-18mth ‪#‎Baby‬ Group have been very busy this term getting stronger on their feet, moving around on the tummies and sitting up nice and strong. We had a mix of activities to help each individual baby along their way to acing their next ‪#‎milestone‬!

Spring sessions 6-18mthsHere’s a look at what we have been up to!!:

  • Rolling the ball to our friend – helps with fine ‪#‎motorskills‬ (pushing and grasping), spacial awareness, ‪#‎sharing‬ & waiting our turn of course!
  • Walk & Stop, moving around the room to the beat and stopping ‘shhhhhh…’ when the music stops, waiting for the music to start again to move (up in Mamas/Dadas arms, or down toddling on the ground).
  • Respond to own name during our Hello Song.
  • #‎Cognitive‬ development in older babies 9mths+ tapping claves together realising they make noise and understands how to hide and pull scarf off, on queue, during peekaboo activity.
  • #‎Social‬ Development with the 13mths+ tidying up the instruments after the activity is finished!

Babies you have all been amazing and its been a pleasure watching you all grow and learn and develop. See you for the new term!!!

Karen x