Zoom Classes – Our new ‘virtual reality’?!

So 5 weeks in. A very different reality for us all. A rollercoaster of emotions. A lot of scrambling and upskilling to enable us to ‘homeschool’, work remotely, get technical, juggle a lot more and manage our (and our little ones ) emotions. It hasn’t been easy for anyone. But know we are all in this together! 


I miss our weekly face to face interactions. I didn’t realise just how much I love my work. Having been forced to take a step back, has given me the opportunity to really feel GRATEFUL for my work. I am blessed to have this as my job. The amount of text messages, voice notes and photos/videos I have been sent by you all has really given me a lift. Parents are telling me thier little ones are missing their weekly music classes and interactions with their little friends. As well as the parents missing it too! When you all reached out You gave me the courage to go online with my wonderful Mini Musos classes! (Well, at least give it a go!)

         ****     NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED AFTER ALL!     *****             

20200421_230954So after having the pleasure of trialling Zoom with Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers I have decided to GO FOR IT! I was blown away at how engaged every child was via Zoom. The babies especially gave me hope that this can work. The were so very interactive, watching with excitement, squelling , giggling, shaking their instruments and dancing as we all reconnected on this new platform. I was mesmerised by you all. And I felt soooooo gooooood leaving our sessions, I was buzzing for the rest of the day! So many happy endorphins were released as we sang and danced together. It was certainly good for the soul!!

SO the plan for now is to bring classes online, giving those who are currently enrolled 2 weeks  FREE.

{In order to join us you will first need to download ZOOM onto your laptop/tablet/mobile device. IF YOU CAN HAVE YOUR ZOOM NAME AS YOUR  CHILDS NAME FOR THE SESSIONS IT WOULD MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO GREET YOUR LITTLE ONE AS YOU ENTER OUR VIRTUAL CLASS  ROOM you will see my name come up on the screen as Karen Mini Musos
You will be sent via email a meeting link & password that you need to access the specific class. When you enter the session you will be automatically brought into a virtual waiting room where I can then approve you all. This is for your online safety.  Please try an join us within the first 10 minutes of the class time as I may not be able to admit anyone once I get into my teaching flow!!}

Anyone new wanting to join can trial it for free next week (May 1st/2nd). DM me and I will send you the zoom link.

I will then run a Mini Term (4 weeks) in May, potentially same again for June & July. Signing up online for the mini terms, 4 weeks at a time.

If there is anything specific you need for the classes I will message you prior, however we can all prepare the basics required and improvise with household utensils to creatmagical musical instruments:

  • Tuppaware containers filled with rice or pasta for shakers
  • Pot & wooden spoon as our drum
  • 2 plastic spoons as our rhythm sticks
  • tea towel/mamas scarf as our peek-a-boo scarf
  • wash-up liquid & water for bubble mix*
*BUBBLES are an essential part of our class and it is probably the only time during our trial Zoom classes that some little ones got upset as they had no bubbles in their house and couldnt catch mine… so please try and prepare a bubble mixture for the end of our session. I have also linked our magic bubbles so if anyone wants to pre-order I can post them out to you. 

We are all in this together. I look forward to seeing you all virtually over the coming weeks. REMEMBER  there are no expectations to get dressed, you can stay in your pjs, or get dressed up if you feel like it! You dont have to have your video on, you can have it off at all times if you feel more comfortable.  This is about connecting with each other  having fun together and learning along the way.  The good thing about online classes is that we can reach so many others in other towns, cities, countries! So why not get your friends and family (nieces/nephews/cousins) who live away to join you and your little one , with me, on our musical journey, and really connect! 

Karen xxx