Progression in Early Years

Upon repeating an activity, in a musical context, for 2-3 minutes each week over a course of a term you will notice little baby steps of progress in your little one as time goes on . When I introduce a new song on the first day of class most of the time your child is watching, listening, working things out. I repeat new activities 3 times in any 1 session. This repetition gives your little one a chance to catch up with instruction, action, words. Over the course of a term I start to Scaffold the learning of each activity, to enhance and challenge , encourage and solidify your little ones learning and development. Your child will take from an activity what they need , and what they enjoy. Each child progresses at different times, at their own pace and ability. But every child does progress.

We are coming to the end of our 6 week term, and those who joined for the whole term, can see the improvement in their little ones. Whether its improved speech from learning and repeating the songs and activities, more social and confident with their interactions with me , more musical with improved pulse and rhythm, stronger and more stable in their motor movements, enhanced listening skills or more creative finding treasure in the house to use as their musical instrument … the list can go on but one thing is certain not 1 child regressed. They all gain something from joining me each week and I can certainly see the progress.

When parents message me about how the classes have impacted their children it is even more powerful , as for now, being on a screen as opposed to being in front if you all in the same room does make it trickier for me to see exactly how they progress and I’m not seeing or hearing personalities . I am proud of every child who has joined me this term. Bite sized baby steps each week equals solid foundations for years to come.


sparking interest, adding encouragement and giving options for all levels and abilities means no one is left out and we are all progressing at our own pace.