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Finding stillness through the chaos of this modern world is something I never thought was possible. But I learned how to make it a reality and through my studies, training and experience I can help you attain your personal goals. I can guide you to unlock the power of your breath &  mind through Yoga (Movement Meditation), Kirtan (Mantra Meditation) & sea swimming & hiking (Deep immersion into mother nature). Using these techniques I have found a new gratitude and deep understanding just how powerful I can be, and I can help you discover it all within yourself.

Yoga found me in 2005 and I have been on an amazing journey ever since –

  • completed my RYS 200 with a traditional Yoga school in India 
  • Trained as a children’s yoga & mindfulness practitioner in 2017
  • Started my own business in 2010 growing from music and movement for children to yoga and mindfulness for children & adults alike, through music, movement and immersion into mother nature

 My approach incorporates creativity & fun on the mat , as well as shared sacred healing circles on the beach and in festivals through my kirtan & cacao ceremonies.

 Sea swimming & hiking helps me forge strong relationships with like minded people in the community.

I have offered and attended some amazing workshops online over the last year and I am very excited to connect again over the next few months outdoors, sharing my love and passion of yoga, mindfulness and the benefits of the practice out in nature. A true believer that Yoga is for everyBODY. Incorporating  playfulness with calm, dynamic flow with grounding,  Tidal Soul Wellness brings balance to body , mind, breath & spirit. My classes have the right mix of fun, playfulness and mindful connection.  Using sound to create silence within my kirtan mantra meditations you will soothe your soul. Immersing yourself in nature whilst practicing outdoor yoga and meditation will be the tonic you need to bring yourself back in alignment, feel balanced and rejuvenated.

 Starting THIS MAY 2021 i will be offering Outdoor Yoga & Mindfulness for kids as well as beautiful Yoga & Mantra Meditation for adults. All classes are outdoors, and in line with current government guidelines. In order to keep the space safe for everyone who attends does having read and agreed to the Covid Safety Guidelines. 

 All participants will have to bring their own:

  • mat/towel,
  • water bottle
  • blanket
  • cushion/bolster/strap
  • any other equipment that you may require.
 Sunset Mantra Meditation September 2020

 We will connect once again, in our beautiful outdoors, breathing, moving and living again! I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


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