Butterfly: 3-5yrs

Class Duration: 30 mins

Your pre-schooler will now be more independent, but still needing their primary carer by their side. The main focus is on building their social skills, giving them a platform to express themselves, promoting their creativity and imagination and encouraging them to think and speak for themselves. Once again the 5 core elements of early childhood development are at the forefront of this program:

  1. Motor (Fine/Gross) Skills
  2. Language Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Social Development
  5. Cognitive Development

as well as leading children to understanding basic musical concepts such as:

  • rhythm
  • pitch
  • dynamics
  • tempo
  • timbre

Mini Musos Butterfly Program has more structure, and encourages each child to be a little bit more independent. Children participate in singing and movement activities and play a range of percussion instruments which allow them to experiment and become familiar with musical terms. There is always one activity each term that will give each child in the group an opportunity to stand up by themselves and perform briefly. This is introduced to the children in a fun and gentle manner so not to put unnecessary pressure on anyone. We introduce BOOMWHACKERS from time to time to enhance their learning and understanding of pitch. BOOMWHACKERS are Tuned Percussion Tubes lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length.


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