Caterpillars: 6-18mths

Class Duration: 30 mins

Introduce your baby to an interactive and stimulating setting in our weekly music & movement classes that will facilitate learning and development in the 5 core areas of early childhood development:

  1. Motor (Fine/Gross) Skills
  2. Language Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Social Development
  5. Cognitive Development

Mini Musos Caterpillar Program is designed to provide a nurturing and engaging environment for your baby to learn and explore comfortably with you, their primary carer, by their side. Most of the musical activities are floor based, on soft foam mats. However there is always at least one activity moving on the feet (parent) to the beat, and holding baby. If they are strong  and steady on their feet you can hold their hand.

The parent or primary carer is a fundamental part of the program, participating in each and every activity, having fun along the way, so stimulating your little one even more. Through music, sounds, colours, touch, and gentle movement your baby will experience a lot of different sensory stimulants and will be receptive to learning and development.

Percussion instruments, along with props such as sheer scarves, bubbles and parachute are used throughout to enhance the session and keep your little one engaged and interested.

This is a great age to start them as they are young, have no boundaries and just want to explore.


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