Ladybirds: 18-36mths

Class Duration: 30 mins

Your young wobbler will now be up on their feet, not sitting very still. Eager to explore, to learn and to have fun. Once again the 5 core elements of early childhood development are at the forefront of this program:

  1. Motor (Fine/Gross) Skills
  2. Language Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Social Development
  5. Cognitive Development

Mini Musos Ladybird Program is designed with the busy 18-36mth old child in mind. We developed the program to be as engaging as possible using lots of different props to keep each little one interacting with the Mini Musos facilitator and with their peers.  The program incorporates a mix of interactive action songs which helps with their motor coordination, stop/start songs enhances listening and concentrating, counting songs with props , marching and moving to the beat reinforces the steady beat, feeling the music as they move, sharing songs and taking turns helps them with their emotional development.

The parent or primary carer is a fundamental part of the program, participating in each and every activity, having fun along the way, so stimulating your little one even more. The more you interact and enjoy Mini Musos the more your child will too. So don’t be afraid to get silly,sing out loud and move your body to the beat!

We have a very structured routine and over time the children will know what to do and when to do it. We always start with a Hello song, finishing with bubbles and a Goodbye song. They also get a sticker at the end of class to reward them for their hard work. Through repetition and familiarity your child will build on their vocabulary, learn to wait their turn, share with their peers and be very enthusiastic about tidy up time!


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